The Book

You Are NOT What You Eat; Better Digestive Health In 7 Simple Steps

“… takes us on a journey inside ourselves and provides understanding that is both ancient and cutting edge. A must read for those who seek total wellness.”
Bertice Berry, PhD, author of A Year to Wellness

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympic athlete eating the latest greatest superfoods, or a bed-ridden hospital patient on a bland diet – if your digestion isn’t working properly, you’re in big trouble.
And unfortunately, research indicates many of us aren’t digesting very well.

 “What’s unique about Powel’s approach is the practicality of it all. His easy steps can lead you towards vibrant living.”
Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN,  author of Digestive Wellness and
Digestive Wellness for Children

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“I went from 13 pills a day to no pills, period.”

“I love this book.”

“I had IBS for 13-14 years …”

“… lost 8 lbs … acid reflux better …”

“I am finding a big difference in the way I feel …”

“… compelling and easy-to-read …”

“… pertains to almost everyone …”

“… long-time ulcerative-colitis gal …”

“… helped me change my life …”

Full testimonials and endorsements by a range of prominent health care professionals here.

*New edition coming soon with foreword by Dr. Michael D. Gershon, one of the world’s preeminent neurogastroenterologists and author of the ground-breaking book The Second Brain.