SoldierThere are brutal thugs on both sides of the conflict in Gaza, but two photographs taken during one of the ceasefires highlight the difference between the Israeli and Palestinian experience of the carnage.

The photograph taken in Israel showed sunbathers back on the beaches, enjoying the weather. The photograph from Gaza showed a woman picking through the body parts and rubble of what had once been her home and neighbourhood.

I’m afraid the scope of death and destruction in Gaza has turned the phrase “Israel Defense Forces” into an oxymoron. They have always been proficient at killing their enemies. They now excel at making new ones.

And where does Canada, that once proud nation of peacekeepers, stand in all this? We offer helmets and vests to the Ukraine to protect their soldiers, but shrug at the horrific deaths and injuries of thousands of unarmed, innocent Palestinian civilians.

It seems Mr. Harper only considers it injustice if it happens to people who fit his personal religious and moral code. How far we have fallen.