CONSPIRACY 2015: Malaysian Airline Disasters, Auto-Pilots, Bush-Cheney War Crimes, And Banksters Caught (But Who Cares)

A great way to start the year: For those of you who enjoy a good conspiracy theory, see #1 below.  And for those of you who just know there’s nothing to all the goofy conspiracy theories going around, check out #2.



First there are those Bizarre Chinese forum posts predicting the AirAsia Flight disaster here

… then we hear that AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared here

… next someone points out that the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) system allows an aircraft to be remotely controlled from the ground here

… and someone else points out that one of the most secretive U.S. military installations outside the US is on the island of Diego Garcia … in the Indian Ocean  here

…then someone puts a wrap on it by suggesting all of these disasters for Malaysian airlines because …  Malaysia War Tribunal Finds Bush, Cheney Guilty of War Crimes  here

Jeez, that was exhausting! And now #2, because there are no real conspiracies, right?


2.1: How mega-bank HSBC hooked up with drug traffickers and terrorists. And got away with it.  here

2.2: How JPMorgan, British Petroleum, and Bank Of England Were Caught Rigging International Currency Markets here or summary here

There, now let’s all go back to sleep.


Mark Twain said, ” “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  Substitute ‘main stream media’ for ‘newspaper’ and nothing has changed.



Yeah, that title got your attention, huh? We lived in Japan a couple times, once for 3 years, and developed a love/hate relationship with the place. (Probably mutual.) And these 2 pieces give you a sense of why:

Japanese Wpman's Vagina Kayak
“A woman who 3-D printed her vagina and rendered it into a giant yellow Kayak, has been arrested — again — by Japanese police for allegedly trying to show people her “Pussy Boat.” (more here)

And yet, at the same time, the annual  Kanamara Matsuri parade:

Penis Parade 2    Japanese Penis Parade

So, penises … okay.
Vaginas … not so much.


Not sure of the source or accuracy of this anecdote, but it’s rich none the less.


When Mahatma Gandhi was studying law at the University College of London, a professor whose last name was Peters, disliked him intensely and always displayed animosity toward him.

Also, because Gandhi never lowered his head when addressing him as he expected, there were always “arguments” and confrontations.

One day, Mr. Peters was having lunch at the dining room of the University, and Gandhi came along with his tray and sat next to the professor.

The professor said,”Mr Gandhi, you do not understand. A pig and a bird do not sit together to eat.”

Gandhi looked at him as a parent would a rude child and calmly replied, “You do not worry professor. I’ll fly away,” and he went and sat at another table.

Mr. Peters, reddened with rage, decided to take revenge on the next test paper, but Gandhi responded brilliantly to all questions.

Mr. Peters, unhappy and frustrated, asked him the following question: “Mr Gandhi, if you were walking down the street and found a package, and within was a bag of wisdom and another bag with a lot of money, which one would you take?”

Without hesitating, Gandhi responded, “The one with the money, of course.”

Mr. Peters, smiling sarcastically said, “I, in your place, would have taken the wisdom.”

Gandhi shrugged indifferently and responded, “Each one takes what he doesn’t have.”

Mr. Peters, by this time was fit to be tied. So great was his anger that he wrote on Gandhi’s exam sheet the word “idiot” and gave it to Gandhi.

Gandhi took the exam sheet and sat down at his desk, trying very hard to remain calm while he contemplated his next move.

A few minutes later, Gandhi got up, went to the professor and said to him in a dignified but sarcastically polite tone, “Mr. Peters, you autographed the sheet, but you did not give me the grade.”


From Nelson DeMille’s book Up Country, which has absolutely nothing to do with country music:
country music song titles

“Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth ‘Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye”

“How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away”

“She’s Out Doin’ What I’m Here Doin’ Without”

“I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like Havin’ You Here”