In the last decade the population of Las Vegas has grown from 400,000 to 2,000,000, and they’re quickly draining their only resource for water.

” …the reservoir that supplies 90 per cent of Las Vegas’s water is fast disappearing and desperate attempts to save Sin City are under way … Lake Mead has slowly been drained of four trillion gallons of water and is now well under half full. Mr Barnett predicts it may be a “dead pool” that provides no water by about 2036.”


After air and water, sand is the most used commodity in the world.
Sand Wars Documentary

The world as we know it would stop functioning without it – no glass, no highways, no computer chips, no concrete buildings, etc.  And due to greed and sand’s value, it is quickly disappearing.

I’d never even given it a thought previous to seeing a brilliant documentary film on Knowledge Network last night. More here:


Video from the Rain Forest Alliance on what you should and should NOT do to save the rain forest. (Thanks for the link, Heidi!)

Not sure how effective it is, (Or how much they spent on the thing!), but gotta love the creativity. Well, I do, anyways.

How about some Canadians do one for the tar sands?



We’ve seen a lot of Orcas (Killer Whales) and dolphins or our regular travels in the Salish Sea of western Canada, but never something like this. The video was taken right in the harbour of the city of Nanaimo, where the ferry docks on its trip from the Vancouver area.

Killer whales hunt dolphins near Nanaimo
Click image to view video


Neil Young is stirring up quite a fuss in Canada.

Seems he’s got the gall to criticize Canada’s oilsands. And much as we Canadians like to criticize other countries (Hello, America!), we don’t take too kindly to folks calling us out.

Especially if it’s a ‘fellow’ Canadian who happens to be living elsewhere these days. Ah well, growing pains. As in, Canada trying to grow up.

Just as much greed in this country as elsewhere. Maybe more under the Harper regime. And on that note, a video by Jor Jor Well. Lyrics below.


We are the victims of your point of view
You think the world was put here just for you
You deal in cash and you manipulate
The devil helps you navigate

Sell your bombs, put your landmines under children’s feet
Cut the old growth forests down
Pump the oil from the tar sands, poison every creek
Don’t let your conscience rejoin, just count your coin

Find the island we call paradise
Build your house and say it’s mighty nice
Then one year later stand and make your speech
Announcing strip malls on the beach

Buy all the water, make us pay to take a drink
Claim all the seeds from Nature’s womb
Advertise to our children, tell them what to think
Don’t let your conscience rejoin, just count your coin

I remember times of innocence
When our minds were not for sale
Yes, I remember times of innocence
But we’ve let heaven go to hell, yes go to hell

Pump all the oil from the tar sands, poison every creek
Dig your holes deep in Native ground
Tear up the treaties, let your lawyers have a feast
Don’t let your conscience rejoin, just count your coin

Yes, I remember times of innocence
When our souls were not for sale
Yes, I remember times of innocence
But we’ve let heaven go to hell, yes go to hell

Take a pill that says it’s time for sex
Take another ‘cause your life’s a mess
Be a victim of their point of view
Don’t stand up and shout, “Hey, you!”

“Take your bombs and shove them where the sun don’t shine
Leave those goddamn trees alone
You can have your piece but this world’s also mine
Stop acting like you were just born to count your coin”

VANCOUVER, Canada from the north shore mountains

VANCOUVER, Canada from the north shore mountains.
*Photo by Artur Stanisz. More here:
Vancouver, Canada by Artur Stanisz*After-story: I originally found this on Google Earth pics with no credit mentioned to Mr. Stanisz. Buggers. I remember thinking, “Google Earth took this?? How the hell … ?”  So I looked all over but couldn’t find any other reference until just now, 2 weeks later. So kudos to Mr. Stanisz! And a Bronx cheer to Google.

CANADA OILSANDS EXPANSION to Cause Irreversible Damage; Ottawa Says "Oh, well…"

The expansion of Shell Canada’s Jackpine oilsands project will destroy 8,500 hectares of wetland and have an irreversible impact, says Canada’s environment minister.

But she’s not too concerned. In fact, Ottawa thinks the project is in the public’s interest.

And how will the public be compensated for this loss of 8,500 hectares of irreplaceable wetlands?

Shell Canada is buying us 730 hectares of … former cattle pasture. And you know what we’re gonna find there.

If you can stomach it, more here.