The Guy

The rugged good looks of Jiminy Cricket and the rapier-like wit of a bean bag chair; the gods were either hungover or having a laugh.


Eclectic, irreverent, warped and productive. Taught, traveled, played and studied around the world. All of it in the wonderful company of Roxanne.

The Music started in the womb. The story of how, here.

The Yoga came from healing my own many sports injuries with yoga, starting in 1978 in Japan. Brought the first ashtanga yoga workshops to western Canada in 1995 and taught a hybrid form to thousands, including Olympic athletes and coaches and the Canadian National Snowboard Team. Developed my own 30-minute form which I still do to this day.

The Writing includes investigative journalism, TV pilots, stand-up comedy & skits, a novel, the book below, kid’s stories, etc. *Samples coming soon.

The Book came from my years of training and work in both the Western and Asian medical systems, and my success winning my own battle with serious health issues by using a combination of those two systems.

Been hanging with Roxanne since high school (jeez). Spend most of our time on the west coast of Canada.

Contact me at vcpowel (at) Text 778.967.4557. Or phone 250.941.1144 and let’s do that old-fashioned thing – talk.