Las Vegas running out of drinking water

In the last decade the population of Las <a oneself href=”” target=”_blank”>fake oakleys Vegas Benefit has grown from 400,000 to 2,000,000, and they’re quickly draining their only oakley outlet resource for Wholesale NFL Jerseys water.<br hockey jerseys />
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” …the reservoir that supplies 90 per cent of Las Vegas’s water is fast disappearing oakley outlet and desperate attempts to save Sin City are under way … Lake Mead has slowly been drained of four trillion gallons of replica oakleys water and is now well under half full. Mr Barnett predicts it cheap jerseys may be a Wholesale Jerseys “dead pool” that Cheap NFL Jerseys China provides no water by about 2036.”



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Video from the Rain Forest Alliance on what you should and should NOT do to to save the rain forest.

Video from the Rain Forest custom jerseys Alliance on cheap oakleys what you should and should NOT do to save the rain forest. (Thanks R$11 for the link, Heidi!)

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How about some Canadians do one for the tar sands?



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VANCOUVER, Canada from the north shore mountains

VANCOUVER, Canada from the north shore mountains.
*Photo by Artur Stanisz. More here:
<img class="alignnone wp-image-292 size-medium" src="×199.jpg" alt="Vancouver, Canada by Artur Stanisz" width="300" height="199" srcset="×199.jpg 300w, cheap oakleys sunglasses 680w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 85vw, 300px” cheap nhl jerseys />*After-story: I originally found this on Google Earth Fake Oakleys pics with no credit fake ray ban sunglasses mentioned to Mr. Stanisz. ray ban sunglasses Buggers. I remember thinking, “Google cheap oakley sunglasses Earth took this?? How the hell … ?”  So oakley outlet I looked all over Cheap mlb Jerseys but couldn’t find any other reference oakley outlet until just now, 2 weeks later. So Em kudos to Mr. Stanisz! wholesale jerseys And a Bronx cheer to Google. <br do />


McLaren engineers seem to have developed a device that uses sound waves to prevent snow, rain, dirt, even insects from sticking to car windshields.

McLaren engineers seem to have Fake Oakleys developed a device Wholesale Jerseys that Manaus uses <a oakley outlet href=”” target=”_blank”>Cheap Jerseys sound waves cheap nba jerseys to prevent snow, rain, oakley outlet dirt, even insects from sticking to oakley outlet car cheap oakley sunglasses windshields.

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Source 2016-12-27 article here:

CANADA OILSANDS EXPANSION to Cause Irreversible Damage; Ottawa Says “Oh, well…”

The expansion of ray ban outlet Shell ray bans sale Canada’s Jackpine oilsands project will destroy replica oakleys 8,500 hectares of wetland and have an irreversible impact, says wholesale jerseys Canada’s environment minister.

But she’s not too cheap oakleys outlet concerned. In fact, Ottawa thinks the project is in the public’s interest.

And how will the public be compensated for this loss of 8,500 hectares of irreplaceable wetlands?

Shell oakley outlet Canada is buying us 730 hectares of … former cattle pasture. And you know what oakleys outlet we’re cheap oakleys gonna Пляжный UK find there.
Cow pie

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